We look forward to welcoming you in our office in Bad Hofgastein.

- Traumatology / X-ray

- General Practitioner

- Sport rehabilitation and Spa medicine

- Chiropractor



Emergency room with X-ray:


I am specialised in diagnostics, therapy and advice on injuries as well traumatological consequential damages. I provide every patient with an individual treatment plan for a successful therapy.

For diagnose and treatment we have a high quality digital X-ray in our surgery.



The services provided in our surgery/emergency room:


- X-ray

- Therapy of injuries and diseases of the bone, muscle and tendens

- Plaster, braces and splints

- Wound care and surgical stitching

- Arthritis therapy

- Joint injections and aspiration

- Analgetic infusions and infiltrations

- Electric, ultrasonic therapy for trauma

- Laser, magnetic field and oxygen therapy for rehabilitation


- Blood and urine analysis

- Test of pulmonal function



We provide the medical care for the whole family, young and old.

More than 20 years work experience in combination with further education and update of my medical skills are the base of the wide range of services in our surgery.


Kind regards,

Dr. Robert Költringer

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